Our Sponsored retreat programs include weekend, one day, mid-week, and extended retreats and workshops.
We provide a peaceful environment of natural beauty for spiritual growth and renewal. Through innovative and relevant retreats, individuals can discover Gospel answers to today’s challenging questions. Published twice a year, our Newsletter includes pictures and interesting stories along with a listing of 5-6 months of upcoming retreats. Our Retreat Team works tirelessly planning the Sponsored Retreats that we provide. Fr. Vince Mesi, OFM, Fr. Evan Howard, OFM, Br. Mike Minton, OFM, Lorraine Steele, and Lisa Briones make up the team. The Retreat Calendar allows you to view the upcoming retreats by month, view flyers with content and presenter biographies, and, register on our website.

San Damiano also offers Private Retreats for individuals who wish to enjoy the quiet and tranquility of San Damiano. Usually a 1-5 night stay, Private Retreats can be with or without Spiritual Direction. Here are comments we received from a person happy to have the opportunity to come to San Damiano.

“I appreciate the friendly arrangements Lisa made for me. Deborah’s cooking was sumptuous. I’m sure you get many comments on the serenity and spiritual nourishment provided by the natural setting as well as your comfortable facilities.” Paul Seaman

We often have space Monday through Friday and you can schedule an appointment with a spiritual director while here. Generally Kateri can schedule you so contact her at 925-837-9141, ext. 315 or

Outside, or Hosted groups, are welcome to contract with us for space and meals. Visit our Conference Facilities and Services page if you are interested in bringing a group here for a workshop, retreat, conference, meeting or training.

If you attend an overnight retreat that is announced in the newsletter, you have the option of a Spiritual Direction session (included in retreat cost) and a chair massage session (additional cost of $15).



Silent Contemplative Offerings

There are three Silent Contemplative Retreats coming up. Sr. Ishpriya presenting a retreat called, “Only One Thing is Needed” the week of June 22-26. Our 5-Day Silent is July 26-31 and is presented this year by Fr. Dan Riley, OFM. Fr. Dan is a Franciscan from the New York Province. Following this retreat is a silent weekend with Fr. Dan Manger, OSB, Cam. He is a member of the New Camaldoli Benedictine community at Big Sur. The dates are July 31-August 2. These two back-to-back retreats provide an opportunity for one week of Silent Contemplative time here at San Damiano. Keep in mind that we have air conditioning in all of our indoor spaces including the bedrooms.

Vigil Mass (rs)

The Feast of our Lady of the Angels

Portituncula-insidesThe Franciscan Feast, on August 2,  gets its name from the Latin word “Portiuncula” meaning “little portion” in honor of a “little church” restored by St. Francis in the Assisi Valley. The Portiuncula is the heart of the Franciscan movement. The Order began here; the friars convened here and were sent out on mission from here. On October 3, 1226, Francis died here. Also known as the Feast of the Great Pardon, we will celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The day ends with a Festive Mass.


“San Damiano impressed me, it was like drinking from a well of beauty, abundance, peace, and great joy.”

“San Damiano has the perfect retreats, I am especially drawn to the silent retreats and presentations.”

“I left the retreat with an uplifted spirit and many new ideas to ponder and to integrate into my ongoing discernment process.”

“You have provided a banquet of prayer and experiences for which I am very grateful.”

“I love the informational handouts and exercises that provoke awareness and the tools they provide.”

“Dorothy [Charbonneau] is the absolute best – rich and very spiritual, very well prepared, peaceful and prayerful.” (Labyrinth Retreat)

“The presenter [Fr. Patrick Foley] was inspiring, informative and has just the right amount of humor. His talks were very interesting, factual and inspiring. I heard things for the first time. I especially like Fr. Patrick’s presentations. Fr. Patrick is so engaging as a speaker and his message is so strong.”

“Thank you as always for what is prepared so lovingly for those who attend. Everyone was welcoming, helpful and hardworking.”

“I consider San Damiano “Holy Ground” where I have received much healing over the years. I thank God for this beautiful place where we can get reprieve from the fast pace below.”


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