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Since 1961, the Franciscan Friars have welcomed to San Damiano those who thirst for a greater connection to God. We are a sanctuary of transformation for people of different faiths and backgrounds. The peace and beauty of our gardens and spacious grounds offer a serene place where individuals, groups, and organizations (both religious and secular) may reflect on new insights…new choices…new decisions. Through innovative and relevant retreats and spiritual direction, individuals can discover Gospel answers to today’s challenging questions. San Damiano is truly a spiritual oasis.

When you support San Damiano, you help us provide this peaceful environment of natural beauty that invites spiritual growth and renewal. Your financial support is essential if San Damiano is to continue offering quality retreats and providing a comfortable, contemporary and safe sanctuary.

Your gifts and donations benefit us in the following ways:

  • Bring in Prestigious Presenters
  • Give Inspiring Programs
  • Continue Scholarship Fund
  • Maintenance and Upgrades on Grounds and Gardens
  • Bedroom Maintenance and Upgrades

We depend and rely on your continued generosity and support of San Damiano Retreat for current operations, fundraising events, and retreat events.

The Capital Campaign Draws to a Close

The Capital Campaign donation drive is a great success! All who donated to this campaign, since it’s beginning in 2010, were listed in the Fall 2014 Newsletter. We are designing a plaque to be placed in the Lobby that will further acknowledge the kind generosity of our donors. A special thanks to the members of the Capital Campaign Committee especially its chairperson, Rodger Powers, and to Rod Linhares who steered the Campaign to great success.

A few projects remain – renovate the lobby, update the conference rooms, and improve the audio/visual units throughout the retreat center. Your continued support will ensure that San Damiano remains a premier retreat center in the Easy Bay and one that will continue to support the growth and spiritual renewal of all who visit.

Campaign funds helped renovate our Chapel this summer

The San Damiano Legacy Society

To help ensure the sustainability of the retreat center and our unique environment for generations to come, consider becoming a member of our Legacy Society. Individuals who have made a Planned Gift to the retreat center have graciously left San Damiano in their will or trust. Below is a partial list of The Legacy Society members. If you would like to support San Damiano by making a Planned Gift, contact our Director, Fr. Vince Mesi, OFM. (925-837-9141).

Flower & Building (rs)

  • Matthew Adams
  • Barbara Jean Ageno
  • Marianne Bond
  • Gerald Fried
  • Sheldon McNamee
  • Kerry & Margie Murphy
  • Sally & Rodger Powers
  • Lois K. Schneider
  • Bob & Lyn Tiernan
  • Kristian D. Whitten

Sustainability And Renewal

The popularity of our retreat offerings, the serenity of our grounds, and our accessibility, our building and grounds are in constant use. Due to this tremendous usage, as well as age, the facility needs renovation and upgrades. Here are a few proposed projects that we will be tackling in the future:

  1. Replace the clay tiles on the roofs.
  2. Refurbish the facility exterior, trim, overhangs, gutters and downspouts.
  3. Upgrade the lobby’s flooring and lighting.
  4. Renovate the dining room and conference rooms.
  5. Upgrade audio-visual and tech equipment throughout the center.

The future generosity of our supporters will make all this possible. We thank you and pray for you now for the gift that you are to our mission.

Donate Now!

Would you like your donation to be used to benefit a specific need? If so, click on one of the choices below to send an email with your request. Otherwise, it will be used where the need is greatest. Garden, Scholarships, Open Golf Tournament, Fall Fundraiser.

Annual Fundraising Events

Annual Fall Auction & Dinner

September 29th Fall Fundraiser

Our supporters enjoyed the evening last Fall

This year marks the Ninth Annual Fall Fundraiser Auction and Dinner. Check back for the 2015 date. Be assured that you will have a wonderful dining experience and an opportunity to pick up some unique auction items during the evening. Planning is in the works. If you would like to volunteer or donate auction items, please call and let us know at 925-837-9141.

Second Annual San Damiano Open Golf Tournament, Dinner & Auction

Mark your calendar on Monday, May 18, 2015 – our Second Open Golf Tournament and Dinner. Diablo Country Club has graciously offered to host the event. If you would like to volunteer or donate an auction item, please call and let us know at 925-837-9141.

Inaugural Golf Tournament

Inaugural Golf Tournament

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The Sisters of St. Francis donated $60,000 to the Chapel renovation. We are deeply appreciative to the Sisters m
any of whom come to San Damiano regularly. A grant from the Gellert Foundation was received for $5,000 and used to upgrade the chapel’s sound system. And lastly, Kerry and Margie Murphy gifted us with $20,000 toward the chapel upgrades. Many, many thanks to these wonderful people who have helped us continue our ministry here.

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